Saturday, February 23, 2013

An accidential tourist.

Today I chatted to many interesting travellers and learnt all about an amazing fabric collection stored in a villa in Italy.   Treasured fabric from across three generations was held in the cellar in a very special cupboard,  it just sounded divine!

Often at Salamanca Market, I'll receive a request for an ipad cover with a wombat on it, or Tassie Devil pencil case.  My fabric choices really aren't dictated by trying to fit a niche....but I discovered my newest Japanese linen has an interesting depiction of a kangaroo and its joey.  Well that's what the fabric description says....still thinking it could be a very happy looking rabbit!

In other news, another penguin pouch is on its' away to Antarctica, not as a tourist but on a fully fledged scientific expedition.  Hope they make some amazing discoveries together.

While all the chat with such interesting globe trotting folk has made me want to renew the passport and head off, I'll be at the Barn Market at Rosny Farm next Saturday!

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