Friday, March 1, 2013

A rainbow connection

Sometimes I wish I had counted the number of artist pencil rolls I have made over the years.  They remain my favourite item to make, and at the risk of sounding unbelievably twee, it is like making rainbows!

Last week at Salamanca Market, a great aunt bought one for her three day old great niece, makes me happy that Sylvie's introduction to drawing will be with a pencil roll I made.  Also a recently graduated doctor, bought one for her tools...I did tell her the roll was washable.

While I'll keep making some favourites,  a new product will make its' debut this Saturday at the Barn Market...a hint....its just like the big ones only smaller.  Yes, it's the mini me ipad covers.

Also something different happening in the Barn - live music all day - in the words of the younger member of the Loopee Team - this is randomly awesome!

The Barn Market is on from 10.00am at the Rosny Farm.  

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