Saturday, October 27, 2012

Back to my roots

I'm heading down to Richmond Town tomorrow, which is in the midst of preparing for a very royal visit.  
image from Tasting House
I'm looking forward to catching up with a great group of women who invited me to participate in my first craft market all those years ago.  It was the early days of Loopee Designs, when I had just progressed from making stuff for family and friends, and with much trepidation launched myself on the wider public!  So thanks to lots of encouragement, Loopee Designs is going strong.

image from Think Tasmania

While Charles and Camilla won't be at Richmond tomorrow, the world famous lolly shop will be open, and probably where my little helper will spend our day's profits.

So much to see in Richmond, along with not just one, but three ghosts that haunt the bridge! Oooh, gotta love a bit of paranormal activity!

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